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Let's make Sunset Boulevard a safer place to shop, dine, and travel.

~1000 people have been injured or killed on Sunset Blvd between Fountain Ave & Dodger Stadium in the last ten years.


Sunset Project Map_Final-01-01.jpg

Project Borders:

Sunset Boulevard between Fountain Ave & Dodger Stadium.

Santa Monica Blvd. from Sunset Junction to the Vermont/Santa Monica Red Line Station.

Sunset StreetMix.png

Protected bike lanes reduce the number of bikes & scooters on the sidewalk by up to 90%.

Move the bar to see a before/after of what moving the bike lanes could look like on Sunset Blvd.
This can be accomplished without removing any travel or parking lanes.
Emery protected bike lane.JPG

If you would like to help get the bike lanes moved to the other side of the parked cars, please sign up below.

I love to bike!

Thanks for submitting!

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